The way Spending the night in the Celestian Sunlight goes in The Wings Around the World Rally.

Princess Yuna: Thanks for letting us spend the night with you guys.

Human Sunset Shimmer: Anytime, Yuna.

EVE: (gets settled)

Human Twilight Sparkle: Make yourselves at home.

Snowdrop: I wonder how much stuff they had.

Golden Apple: Would I like to show you how my guardians mix into Max form?

Dog Spike: Sure.

Krader: We're ready.

Human Applejack: Do you have a Cubit?

Krader: (has the Cubit) Yeah. Yeah. I have a Cubit.


Golden Apple: Tada!

Human Pinkie Pie: Howie!

The CragsterMax: Thank you. Thank you.

14: Well, I see no harm on anything else.

(Then, Carface and Killer showed up behind Yuna and her friends)

Carface: Hello, Yuna! Hello, Foals!

WALL-E: (turns around)

Killer: Uh-Oh!

The CragsterMax: YOU!!!

Golden Apple: What do you guys want!?

Carface: No! Wait!

Killer: Take it easy!

Flain: Get them!

Snowdrop: Going somewhere?

EVE: (prepares to fire)

Killer: Stop! We want to warn you!!!

Teslo: Let's teach them a leason!

Killer: You wouldn't hit a dog with glasses. Would you?

Cheetor: (smacks Killer)

Killer: Ow!

Carface: You hit a dog with glasses. Well play.

Tigatron: (goes in robot mode) You two are not fooling anyone!

Killer: Stop! Just hear us out!

Nyx: Alright, What do you want?

Human Sunset Shimmer: This better not be a trap.

Carface: Don't hurt us. I've just discovered that the Dazzlings really are working for Ripslinger, Ned and Zed, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Trix and Nightmare Hiro!

Princess Yuna: Them?

Killer: Can you put us down?

Tigatron: Alright. (as he and Cheetor puts down Carface and Killer) We're listening.

Killer: Alright, All we ask is that you listen to us about the Human Dazlings, Beats purposes don't you think?

Dog Spike: Tell me about it.

Carface: We saw The Nightmare Family.

During the flashbacks.

Carface: (narrating) Killer and I were just about to speak to the Human Dazzlings, When suddenly, I saw them speaking to Nightmare Moon.

Human Adiago Dazzle: Nightmare Moon, Everything's going exactly as planed.

Nightmare Moon: What is it?

Human Sonata Dusk: We're going to be rid of Princess Yuna and her foolish friends.

Nightmare Moon: What about their guardians?

Human Adiago Dazzle: Them too.

Ripslinger: This will be a peace of cake.

Ned: (laughing)

Zed: Good one.

Ripslinger: (hits Zed)

Zed: Ow!

Nightmare Trix: Knock it off, you two!

Carface: (hiding) This is not good.

Killer: Let's go warn Yuna and her friends.

The flashbacks ends.

Killer: That's how we saw the Nightmare Family.

Nyx: It can't be.

WALL-E: (takes cover)

Human Sunset Shimmer: This doesn't sound good.

Princess Yuna: I'm not scared of the Nightmare Family.

Carface: Hey, Princess, Sorry we forced Ishani to set you and your friends up and calling you Princess Puna.

Killer: No hard feelings?

Princess Yuna: Not at all, Thanks for the warning.

Snowdrop: We're glad you support us.

EVE: (gives a thumb up)

Later, Yuna and her friends spoke to Ishani.

Princess Yuna: Hi, Ishani.

Ishani: Hello, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Look, We wanted to apologize for being mad at you.

Ishani: Apology accepted.

Princess Skyla: We're glad that you've met Dusty in the first place.

Ishani: Well, Like I said, Any friends of Dusty's are friends of mine.

WALL-E: (hugs Ishani)

Ishani: Thank you, WALL-E.

Snowdrop: That's what friends are for.

In the Celestian Sunlight.

Princess Yuna: It sure is great spending the night.

Sunbeam: Does anyone need a nightlight?

Teslo: I got one.

Thunder Spectrum: You go, Teslo.

4: (plugs the nightlight)

EVE: (turns into the bullet form)

WALL-E: (turns into the box form)

Nyx: (yawns) I hope we'll win the race.

Princess Yuna: As long as we work together, We'll be alright.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Good Night, Everyone.

Human Rarity: (sings Baby Mine)

Emerald: (smiles at Rarity's human counterpart and went to sleep)

Human Rarity: Pleasant dreams, Emerald.

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