Here is how Spending the night with Bartok and Zozi goes in Twila Runs Away.

After preforming in the swamp village.

Princess Twila: That was the best time I had!

Bartok: We're glad you liked it, Twila.

Zozi: (checked his watch) Well, Would you look at the time, It's time we call it a night.

Princess Twila: Ok.

Bartok: (setting up a tent) There, That should do it. I'm sure you'll be very comfortable in here.

Zozi: Try it out.

Princess Twila: (tried out the tent) It's perfect.

Bartok: Amazing.

Zozi: Great job!

Princess Twila: So, What's going to happen tomorrow?

Bartok: We're going to Manehattan.

Zozi: The whole crowd would love your performance.

Princess Twila: Really?

Bartok: Without a doubt.

Zozi: We leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

Princess Twila: Ok.

Bartok: Good night, Twila.

Zozi: Pleasent dreams.

Princess Twila: Good night. (goes to sleep)

Bartok: I'm glad we had Twila with us for a change.

Zozi: Indeed. (he and Bartok went to sleep)

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