This is how Spider-Man, Green Goblin, and Tahu vs Sandman and Ryenom vs Venom goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Spider-Man 3.

[We see Mary Jane waking up]

[She looks down then screams. We see Spider-Man seeing Ryenom]

Spider-Man: Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Spider-Man. [his mask opens to reveal Ryan's face] I can't let you save Mary alone.

Twilight Sparkle: He can use the suit now.

[Spider-Man nods and shakes Ryan's hand]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Let me and you save Mary Jane Watson. [his mask covers his face]

Spider-Man: Mary Jane!

[She sees Ryenom with Spider-Man]

Ryan F-Freeman: We are coming to save you!

Mary Jane: Spider-Man!

[Spider-Man and Ryenom get to the webbing where the Taxi is then Ryenom senses someone]

Ryan F-Freeman: Spider sense is tingling. Venom...

[Venom webs Ryan's foot]

Venom: Well, well. If it isn't Ryan and his friend the Spider.

Ryan F-Freeman: Eddie Brock.

Venom: You got the suit like me. [his mask uncovers to reveal Eddie Brock]

Spider-Man: Oh my gosh. Eddie.

Ryan F-Freeman: I knew it.

Eddie Brock: My Spider sense is tingling.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ha ha. Very funny.

Eddie Brock: If you know what I'm talking about.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh.

[Ryan frees his foot and Eddie webs Spider-Man]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. You shoot webs like me and Spider-Man?

[Eddie nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: What are you planing?

Eddie Brock: I plan to kill the spider friend of yours, Ryan.

[Ryan snarls as Eddie's mask covers his face into Venom]

Twilight Sparkle: Go get him, Ryenom.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. [his mask covers his face as Ryenom]

Vemon: [roars]

[Ryenom grabs Venom and punches him]

[Venom is about to punch Ryenom but he dodges and both Ryenom and Spider-Man fall]

Mary Jane: Spider-Man!

Twilight Sparkle: Ryenom!

[Ryenom uses his webs to try and stop himself and Spider-Man from falling]

[They land on the sand]

Ryenom: I'm alive?

Spider-Man: Yeah.

[Ryenom's mask uncovers to reveal Ryan]

[Ryan notices the sand moving and sees a giant Sandman]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sandman? Well, Spider-Man. I guess it's life for me. One minute I've been bounded with the Symbiote, the next we face a giant sand villain.

Spider-Man: You and me both, Ryan. What did Twilight call you?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryenom.

[Ryan's mask covers his face as Ryenom]

[Ryenom shoots a web at Sandman]

[Sandman swats Ryenom and Spider-Man goes to a gerder]

Ryan F-Freeman: Spider-Man! Wait for me!

[Ryenom follows Spider-Man as Venom uses his webs to hold Spider-Man]

Ryenom: Spider-Man!

[Sandman starts hitting Ryenom and Spider-Man with his fist]

Crash Bandicoot: Oh no!

Thomas: Ryan?

[Evil Ryan looks at his communicator and see the news]

Reporter: This is a tragic day for the people of all ages, it could be the end of Spider-Man.

News Man: And it could be the end of the unknown hero called Ryenom.

[Twilight spots a bomb land on Sandman]

Sandman: Huh?

[The bomb beeps then explodes]

[Ryan spots Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin with Tahu]

[Venom gasps and Ryenom cuts his webs holding Spider-Man]

Twilight Sparkle: Tahu!

Tahu: Hey, Twilight! Ryan told me about the Symbiote so I can help Spider-Man.

[Ryan shoots a web at the hoverboard and grabs Spider-Man by the hand]

[Crash sighs in relief]

Ryan F-Freeman: Harry? You and Tahu handle Sandman, I'll handle Eddie.

Harry Osborn: Ok, Ryan.

[Ryan web-zips and kicks Venom]

[Ryenom grabs Venom by the neck and his mask uncovers his face]

Ryan F-Freeman: You were right. I didn't understand the Symbiote before. But, I do now.

[Ryan punches Venom]

[Ryan's mask covers his face as Ryenom and he grabs a pipe]

Ryenom: Fore! [twirls the pipe and hits Venom on the head]

Venom: [grunts]

[Ryenom is about to slam the Pipe at Venom but he hits the floor making a "Clang!" Sound]

Ryenom and Venom: [scream]

Ryenom: Oh. Wait. [tosses the pipe away] There we go. You think I am a Prime?

Venom: Who cares?!

[Meanwhile, Tahi uses his fire swords on Sandman's arm]

Crash Bandicoot: Wow. [swings his Keyblade at Sandman's glass arm]

[The arm shatters into shards and Matau pulls out some bombs]

Matau T. Monkey: Here are some bombs for you! [tosses the bombs to Spider-Man]

[Spider-Man uses his webs and throws the bombs onto Sandman]

[Matau and his twin watch as Matau's bombs beep and explodes and Sandman is defeated]

Crowd: [Cheers]

[Twilight sees Ryenom fighting Venom]

Twilight Sparkle: Look, Spider-Man. Ryan is fighting Venom.

[Ryenom waves his hand and uses his webs to blind Venom]

[Spider-Man web swings and Twilight flies to help Ryenom]

[Ryenom grabs Venom and throws him at a wall]

Ryenom: Twilight. [his mask uncovers his face to show Ryan's face] I know I can find a girl to love after the battle.

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan, the suit is perfect for you. But will you be bonded by it?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I can hope Eddie is ok. Once I free him.

[Twilight nods and kisses Ryan]

[Venom rips the web off his eyes]

Ryan F-Freeman: So, Venom. Back for more? I know that the Symbiote is bonded with me.

Venom: Yes, Ryenom. [roars]

[Ryan's face covers and Ryenom fights Venom. Venom then fights Spider-Man]

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