This is how Spider-Mare and Green Troll vs Poison and Clayman goes in My Little Pony: Spider-Mare 3.

[We see Twilight wake up on a green symbiotic web]

Spider-Mare: Hold on, Twilight!

[He begins heading up there, but is stopped by Clayman]

[Twilight begins to lose her grip]

Spider-Mare: Twilight!

Reporter Pony: This is a tragic day for the ponies of all ages, it could be the end of Spider-Mare.

[We see Poison holding Spider-Mare down as Clayman pounds him]

[As Clayman raises his fist for another pound, a bomb lands in the side of his neck]

[He looks in the direction it came from, before it explodes]

[Clayman holds onto some support beams to keep himself from falling over]

[Everypony watches as something flies over and swats Poison away]

[Thorax looks up and see it is Spike in his Green Troll costume]


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