Here is how the Final Battle goes between Spider-Mare and the Dragon in My Little Pony: The Amazing Spider-Mare.

[We then see the Dragon standing around smelling foe anyone waiting to ambush him]

[Then he pauses, picking up the scent of a cop ambush]

[Suddenly, cops appear from nowhere and shoot him]

The Dragon: [roars in pain]

[He falls down, apparently dead]

[Spider-Mare is then seen talking on a phone with Fluttershy]

Spider-Mare: Come on. Come on. Pick up.

[We see Fluttershy answer her phone]

Fluttershy: Thorax, where are you?

Spider-Mare: I'm close to where it is. Where are you?

Fluttershy: Dragon Corp Tower.

Spider-Mare: What?! No! It's heading there now!

Fluttershy: I'm evacuating the building now.

[She pushes the button for the alarm]

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