This is when Spike fights Scar Snout to protect the babies in Weekenders Adventures of The Rugrats Movie.

(Meanwhile, back on the bridge, the Rugrats are still trying to rescue Angelica.)

Angelica: Ugh! Hurry up, babies!

Tino: We're trying, so shut up!!

Mr. Blik: Yeah!

(The monkeys return.)

Cubby: Oh no!

Chuckie: Don't let them take me!

Angelica: Don't let them take Cynthia!

Sunset Shimmer: I won't let them take you, Tino!

Lil: I don't think they're gonna take anyone. Look!

(The monkeys flee.)

All: Yay!

Lil: Yeah! Go home, monkeys!

Angelica: Hooray! Dumb-dumb monkeys!

(The cheering stops when the Rugrats hear a growl behind them. They turn around and gasp in horror: the huge vicious wolf, Scar Snout is at the foot of the bridge and slowly goes towards the babies!)

All: Oh!

Chuckie: We wanna go home. We wanna go home.

(Scar Snout gets closer, growling.)

All: Aah!

Dil: Yuckies!

(Spike then appears from nowhere, and pins Scar Snout to the ground.)

All: Yay!

Tommy: Yay, Spike!

Dil: Spike, Spike!

(Spike continues fighting Scar Snout. Scar Snout rips off Spike's collar. Spike pins Scar Snout again. The wolf forcefully swats Spike, sending him to the edge of the bridge, hanging for dear life!)

Tommy: Oh, no, Spike! Spike!

Gordon: Oh no!

Doraemon: Get up!

Lil: You gotta get outta there, Spikey!

Angelica: Yo, dumb wolf!

(Angelica blows a raspberry, in an effort to distract Scar Snout from killing Spike. Scar Snout turns his attention to Angelica and starts to go toward her! Before he can bite her, Spike bites his tail and drags him down, while they both slowly go through a hole in the bridge.)

All: Spike!

(Both Spike and Scar Snout fall into the water.)

Dil: Spike?

Tommy: Oh, Spike.

(All the Rugrats cry.)

Angelica: Dumb dog! Why'd you have to go and... (sobs)