Spikewave is a friend of Codylight Sparkle and a survivor of Planet X.








  • Hello, Autobots. I am Spikewave, Codylight's friend and assistant.
  • [narrating the story] Back in my day, Planet X was known far and wide is the great place for high tech gear. Ryan names any high tech piece and my people of Planet X have already thought of it, made it and spun into something great. With that kind of thing, Planet X was top banana of the universe, fighting any planet that stood against it. But, wait. There's more. Planet X was losing power, so my people have to find another planet to live so they invaded Gigantion. The Bots of Gigantion knew that they were about to be defeated so they used the Cyber Planet Key to make the planet and themselves super big. With their new size and power, the inhabitants of Gigantion fought Planet X to a stand-still. My fore-fathers have no choice but to make more deadly weapons. In the end however they created a blaster so powerful that even they cannot control it. I fled the planet by a Space-bridge. As for Planet X, it got blown up.
  • What up, Belle. My friends and I are here and ready to help you.
  • You said it, Sidecord. Beast is really Prince Adam.
  • Spikewave superior. Heartless inferior.
  • [singing with Tuffy the Oompa Loompa] There's no earthly way of knowing~ Which direction we are going~ There's no knowing where we're going~ Or which way the river's flowing~ Is it raining, is it snowing?~ Is a hurricane a blowing~
  • Are the fires of Unicron glowing?
  • Interesting. Ryan and Susan!