Here is how Sponge-Bus RV-Pants, Game 3 and Headliners vs Mustache Cash Stash goes in The Headliners.

Starla: Lookie here, Y'all!

Round Up: Golly!

Blaze: Wow!

Princess Sharon: Sponge-Bus RV-Pants?!

SpongeBob SquarePants: (discovering the new RV) Scrooge McDuck is Officially Insane!

Princess Yuna: Look at that.

Patrick Star: SpongeBob! Take a look inside!

Mr. Krabs: It's got all kinds of Stuffs for our trips to other places!

Turbo: (sees everything that Scrooge McDuck afforded) I never see anything like it!

Princess Yuna: (jumps onto water bed) This is fun!

Snowdrop: And warm too.

Plankton: Nice lamp.

Gary the Snail: Meow.

Karen: What do you guys think?

Larry the Lobster: How sick is this? It sleeps five and it's got everything.

Round Up: Yee-Haw!

Stripes: Amazing!

Darrington: I'll say!

Princess Cornelia: Have a safe trip, Princess Yuna!

Queen Georgina: Good luck!

Princess Yuna: Bye!

Queen Georgina: Play Safe!

Snowdrop: We will!

Queen Georgina: Goodbye, Priness Yuna!

Scrooge McDuck: Let's get this Sponge-Bus RV-Pants on the road!

Yuna and her friends cheered.

Game 3 at the park.

Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here along with GIR as we view on Game 3. Healiners vs Mustache Cash Stash at their Park.

GIR: Game on!

Perch Perkins: Don't chew on that, You're suppose to sit on it.

Princess Yuna: How am I doing, Mr. Dutchman?

The Flying Dutchman: Keep it up, Lassie! You're doing great!

Rigby: Man, They're getting good at this.

Pops: I'm great at pitching too. (turn to his father at the crowd) Hello, Papa!

Mr. Maellard: Keep it up, Son!

Perch Perkins: It's sixth inning and the Headliners are down by one run with Powdered Toast Man Ready up on deck before Roger.

Roger: Let's hope we win this game.

Powdered Toast Man: Leave everything to me!

Soon, the Headliners won again.

Perch Perkins: And the Headliners win it, 5-4!

Princess Yuna: Great game, Mordecai.

Mordecai: Thanks, Yuna.

Duchess Petunia: Well done, Princess Yuna.

Princess Cornelia: Bravo!

Later that night, in Sponge-Bus RV-Pants.

Princess Yuna: Once Game 4 is over, It's the Semi-Finals

Sunbeam: (playing on a Trampoline Bed)

Thunder Spectrum: I can't wait for the forth game.

Snowdrop: Me either.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Dinner is served.

Plankton: The all we can eat buffet!

Squidward Tentacles: (successfully playing clarinet)

Nesmith: Good show, Squidward!

Squidward Tentacles: Thank you! Thank you!

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