SpongeBob's Adventures of Babar: The Movie is another upcoming SpongeBob SquarePants crossover film planned to be re-edited by Yru17. It will appear on Vimeo in the near future.


On the night of Elephantland's Victory Parade, the king Babar tells to his children the story of his first days as King of the Elephants. On his first day at Royal Court, the young ruler suggests that Elephantland hold an Annual Parade, but hears that a committee has to be set up before the idea can be approved. Soon after, a girl elephant, Celeste, runs over to tell Babar that her home has been attacked by Rataxes, the rhinoceros, and his horde. Babar's assistants tell him that the affair cannot be rushed, so he orders an elephant army to defeat the rhinos.

After some days, the army fails to arrive, and Babar tells Arthur, Celeste's brother, to take care of his job as King while he ventures off into Celeste's village to help her mother, amid dangerous jungle. Coming into the village, he encounters a raid brought forth by the rhinos, who are taking the elephants as slaves so that they can work on Rataxes' empire.

When the enemies have gone, Babar and Celeste set off to rescue the latter's mom, and the other pachyderms, from Rataxes' wrath. Along the way, they meet a monkey named Zephir, who gives them the location of the rhinos' empire. The two come face to face with Rataxes himself, who plans to invade Babar's kingdom by twilight, and are sent in jail; but they both escape successfully along with Zephir, and begin going back to Elepantland to save it.

Heading into the rhinos' tents, they disguise themselves as one of the warriors, asking for "special detail" of their plans for attack, but to no avail. They get away from Rataxes quickly, launching from a catapult and landing into a fountain, much to the surprise of Babar's advisors.

The evil rhino proclaims Elephantland will be destroyed in an hour, unless its residents know of some way to protect it. With this in mind, the Royal Court members discuss their "committee" procedure, the elephant army takes some action into their hands, and a giant elephant float, built by Babar and company, scares off Rataxes and his soldiers.

At sunrise, the young King's friends congratulate him on saving the day and his town, but are surprised to learn that their very first Victory Parade will be held during the afternoon. It has gone by that name ever since, the old Babar recalls, because the committee could not find any other name for it.

As Babar finishes his tale, he finds that his children have all gone to sleep. Right after he closes the door, they re-enact scenes from the story, until their father tells them to get back to bed.


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