SpongeBob's Sick Day is the eighth episode of the first season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.


With SpongeBob sick with the Suds, Discord will be taking care of him until he's well again.

SpongeBob's got the Suds again

It was a busy day at The Krusty Krab and SpongeBob was at work having a hard time doing his job because he has the suds, and when Mr. Krabs comes in to tell him off, Gary reveals to him that SpongeBob has the suds. Krabs then orders that he goes home and that he can't have him sneezing all over the food. This causes the customers to panic.

Discord arrived

At SpongeBob's house, He called the doctor's office and Dr. Gill Gilliam told SpongeBob that the Sponge Treatment of Cancelled until Hans' Flu gets better. Then, SpongeBob was reading the newspaper which shows the cover of Discord making friends in Equestria. Suddenly, Discord popped out of the news paper and discovered that SpongeBob is sick with the suds. So, He decided to take care of him until he gets better.

Taking care of SpongeBob

Later in Fluttershy's cottage, Fluttershy and Discord agreed to help SpongeBob get better by keeping him warm and giving him medicines.

A Suds Brew for SpongeBob

Later, Fluttershy, Discord and Zecora made a special suds brew for SpongeBob and Zecora advised him to scrub himself in one minute.

Good as New once again

SpongeBob was better than new and is ready to go back to work at The Krusty Krab tomorrow and he thanks Discord and Fluttershy for taking care of him.


  • This episode is a mixture of Suds and Three's a Crowd.


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