SpongeBob, Daring Do and the Equine Gems is the fifteenth episode of the first season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.


SpongeBob and Rainbow Dash were looking forward to join Daring Do on her mission, They to retrieve the Equine Gems before Ahuizotl and Dr. Caballeron gets them first.

Rainbow Dash shows SpongeBob her Daring Do Collection

One day at Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash was showing SpongeBob her Daring Do Collection. Then, She decided to introduce him to Daring Do herself for the very first time.

SpongeBob meets Daring Do for the first time/Joining her on a mission

Soon, SpongeBob came across A.K. Yearling who turned out to be Daring Do herself. Soon, SpongeBob invited the rest of his friends including Twilight and the others as they join Daring on the mission.

Daring Do explains about the Equine Gems/Only the six will be chosen

By the time they've got there, Daring Do explained about the whole details about the Equine Gems. When the chosen six were worthy enough to use them, They'd be invincible.

Ambushed by Ahuizotl and Dr. Caballeron/SpongeBob and his friends chosen

Soon, They've followed where the map took them to find the Equine Gems. Suddenly, They were ambushed by Ahuizotl, Dr. Caballeron and their gang. With Daring Do and the others fought, SpongeBob and his friends had to go further while they still could. Just then, They've found the Equine Gems. Then, SpongeBob and his friends were chosen by them.

Becoming superheroes/Defeating Ahuizotl and Dr. Caballeron and their gang

At the end, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Plankton became their own superhero alter-ego, Invincibubble, Mr. Superawesomeness, The Rodent, Sour Note, Sir Pinch-a-Lot and Plank-Ton. Then, They took down Ahuizotl and Dr. Caballeron and their gang. When SpongeBob and his friends came to their summer home at Ponyville, Daring Do came with a little surprise for them. They were on the cover of their own book about their adventures, "SpongeBob, Daring Do and the Equine Gems".


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