This is how Detective Spooner gets suspended in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

[The police arrived to look at the damage, as Tino and the heroes is at where Ash is dead]

Serena: Ash..... I love you. [cries]

Tino: You've been a good friend to us Ash Ketchum. We'll miss you.

Drift: To Ash, the brave boy who risked his life for Serena.

Optimus Prime: Come on, Spooner is about to tell John what happened.

John: Alright. What do we got?

Police officer: Ask him.

[Spooner then with the policed doctor]

Spooner: I said. I'm fine. I'll see my own doctor.

Police officer: Back up!

Spooner: Thank you.

John: What's the matter with you? Traffic Ops said you were driving manually. You ran two trucks off the road!

Cross-Hairs: Alright John, I know this might look crazy but Spooner is about to tell you what happened.

Spooner: John. Robots attacked my car.

John: You should've got insurance.

Spooner: It's not my fault.

John: What is with that dog?

Spooner: The dog gone robots John!!

[Tino looks and sees a fog]

Tino: What the heck? [goes inside the fog and see two girls and two pokemon carrying Ash] HEY! Who are you guys?!

???: We're not your enemies.

[the two girls and pokemon vanished]

Tino: Hey! Where are you going with Ash?! WAIT!!!! [the fog vanishes away] Who are those girls?

Optimus Prime: Tino, what's wrong?

Tino: I saw a fog and I went there to investigate and then I saw two girls and those pokemon, taking Ash away from the sight of the attack. Cilan, who were those girls that took Ash anyway?

Cilan: They're Anthea and Concordia.

Tino: Anthea and Concordia? Are those N's foster sister who made a refuge for injured pokemon.

Drift: I hate to say this, but yes.

Cross-Hairs: Well, we got better things to do rather then following the two creeps to rescue Ash, they'll probably resurrect him or something.





John: Give me your badge. You're making me do this. Give me your badge.

Spoooner: Do I look like I care what you think? DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A CRAP WHAT YOU THINK?!

John: Oh boy...