is one of Babidi's minion placed under in control. He, along with his partner, Yamu, attended the World's Martial Arts Tournament where they are planning to steal energy from one of the Z Fighters. Spopovich fought against Videl in the tournament, but he brutally beats her up and tries to kill her. Unfortunately, Yamu told him to stop playing around and finish the fight. When Gohan was showing Kibito has power to turn into Super Saiyan 2, Spopovich and Yamu ambushed him from behind and stole all of Gohan's energy. Once the energy was delivered, Babidi congradulated them but turned on them declaring that they are useless to him now. Babidi uses his magic to inflate Spopovich like a balloon and explode him to smithereens. Pui-Pui then killed his partner Yamu with a energy blast when he was trying to escape.


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