Ten sprixie princesses

The Sprixie Princesses is the group of Fairies of the Sprixie world and they are like the goddesses in the heaven.


  • The Sprixie Princesses are like fairies and first appear in Super Mario 3D World by the game.
  • The Green Sprixie Princess Gaia is simliar to Belldandy the goddess and she helps her dear friend Yuri.
  • The Purple Sprixie Princess Magika is simliar to Urd to make her a cupid of love with her friend Lili.
  • The Blue Sprixie Princess Wateryl is simliar to Skuld like Gaia's younder sister and she is a childish and silly looking fairy with her friend Matt.
  • They will appear in Adventure of the Jewel Kingdom from Power Rangers Harmony Force.
  • The Sprixie Princesses friends with Mitsuki Kouyama and Miho Shinohara.
  • The Sprixie Princesses has Linkle stones and they created them also they give them from the magic world.


Linkle Stones

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