Character large 332x363 sqweep

Sqweep is an adorable, intelligent alien child who has come to Earth because he/she needs to write a report on Earth's dominant species for school. The monsters first encounter him/her in "It Came...on a Field Trip" in a forest. They try to take the report from him/her because it would lead to disaster if it fell into the wrong hands, but they then realize that Sqweep had done his/her report on squirrels, as he/she mistakenly thought they were Earth's dominant species. After the monsters tell him/her about his/her error, he/she says he/she needs to redo his/her report on humans, so Monger allows him/her to stay at Area Fifty-Something. Because of his/her incredibly high intelligence, Dr. Cockroach is jealous of her/him, although he denies this.


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