Star Book (Sakura Book)

The Star Book and Star Cards (or Sakura Book and Sakura Cards in Japanese) is the main item of the second series, The Star Book has its own number of Cards is 55 Star Cards, The Book and the Star Cards are created by Sakura Avalon made by her own chosen master. Which they use them by fortune telling and using the Star Wand to summon them by their spirit forms and powers.

List of Star Cards

  1. The Windy
  2. The Fly
  3. The Shadow
  4. The Watery
  5. The Rain
  6. The Wood
  7. The Jump
  8. The Illusion
  9. The Silent
  10. The Thunder
  11. The Sword
  12. The Flower
  13. The Shield
  14. The Time
  15. The Power
  16. The Mist
  17. The Storm
  18. The Float
  19. The Erase
  20. The Glow
  21. The Move
  22. The Fight
  23. The Loop
  24. The Sleep
  25. The Song
  26. The Little
  27. The Mirror
  28. The Maze
  29. The Return
  30. The Shot
  31. The Sweet
  32. The Dash
  33. The Big
  34. The Create
  35. The Change
  36. The Freeze
  37. The Firey
  38. The Arrow
  39. The Bubbles
  40. The Through
  41. The Libra
  42. The Wave
  43. The Snow
  44. The Voice
  45. The Lock
  46. The Cloud
  47. The Dream
  48. The Sand
  49. The Light
  50. The Dark
  51. The Twin
  52. The Earthy
  53. The Nothing
  54. The Hope
  55. The Nameless Card


  • The 55 Star Cards are both in the anime and manga, and Nothing Card and the Miracle Card are the same by the 53th Star Card also the design of the manga like Sakura's Mother Natasha Avalon.
  • The Star Book and the Star Cards are created by Sakura Avalon as her own chosen master.


Star Cards Gallery

Star Cards Manga Gallery

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