Starbeam Glamour

Starbeam Glamour

Starbeam Glamour is the colt version of Starlight Glimmer and her very vengeful brother.


Starbeam was born at the same time as Starlight. He wanted more than everything his sister had. He wanted to rule Equestria as it's emperor. But his sister would not allow it. Celestia and Ryan asked him to leave and never return. Starbeam is angry and walks to a portal that transports him to another world. There, he makes everybody equal and joins him in his conquest of Equestria. When Thomas, Crash and his friends visit his town Ryan knew he might be up to something. But however, Starbeam seems to be friendly to Ryan's friends. He tells Ryan that he's changed and he wishes to be with his sister again. Starlight and Ryan are both suspicious because they notice that there's an equal sign on everyone's flanks and on the shoulders and chests of the bots that live there. Then Starbeam (eventually showing his evil personality after Ryan and friends go to find a place to sleep for the night) says to the townsfolk that when Cybertron finds that


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