Here's how Stardust awakens in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[later that night, Rarity is looking at a 7 paneled star]

Rarity: Wow, this fascinating!

Stall Vendor: You have quite the eye, m'am. You know. When you close all 7 panels on each night of the comet, you get one wish.

Rarity: Really? I'll take it!

Stall Vendor: A wise choice, but you only get one wish, so make it count.

[then fireworks go off]

Stall Vendor: Ah, it won't be long till the comet arrives.

Sweetie Belle: Look, Stardust. Fireworks!

Scootaloo: It's amazing isn't it?

Apple Bloom: Yeah.

Tyrone: It certainly is.

Button Mash: I agree.

[It fades to them on the grass, watching for the comet]

Willy: [checking his watch] Alright, any minute now, the comet should be visible. [closes his watch]

Duck: This will be great.

Button Mash: I can't wait to see Stardust.

Smudger: It's just stuff and nonsense.

Sir Handel: Oh, be quiet you!

Smudger: Wuss.

[just then the clouds clear and there was the comet!]

Kipper: Look! It's the comet!

Brian: Right on schedule!

Rarity: Oh! [takes out the pendent] Alight, time to make my wish. [she make her wish and then closes the first panel]

Smudger: And Stardust hasn't appeared, yet.

Rheneas: Give it time. It might soon.

[some soft snoring is heard]

Applejack: Well looky there.

[we see the CMC and Button have fallen asleep]

Rarity: [gently strokes Sweetie Belle's mane] Good night, sweetie.

Sweetie Belle: [in her sleep] Night, mom.

Rarity: [hums]

Blythe: Wow, that was beautiful. What was that?

Rarity: That's a song our mother sang to us when we were younger. [continues humming the tune]

[as she hums, it happened]

[the cocoon starts to glow which wakes up the sleeping foals]

Apple Bloom: Huh? Hey! The cocoon! it's glowin'!

Smudger: Huh? No, it's not!

Uniqua: It is!

[the cocoon then floats up, still glowing and then it reveals Stardust! (a blue and green dragony)]

Kipper and Tiger: Wow!

Pig: It really is a dragony! A real, live dragony!

[Stardust then floats down, as the CMC catch him]

Stardust: [awakes] Huh?

Scootaloo: Hello, Stardust.

Stardust: Hello.

Apple Bloom: Ah'm Apple Bloom.

Sweetie Belle: I'm Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo: Name's Scootaloo. And we're the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Stardust: Hello, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Smudger: No! He's not real! La, la, la, la, la, la!

Glaceon: [punches Smudger]


Glaceon: Because I don't like your attitude. Maybe if you show a little respect to these girls. Maybe I can trust you.

Smudger: Then don't talk to me!

Glaceon: I WON'T!!!!

Fluttershy: He looks kinda cute. For being part dragon.

Edd: This is fascinating! I have always had interest in crossbreed animals and now I get to see one at last!

Marry: [runs up]

Twilight: Marry! Stardust hatched!

Marry: Great! I'll tell my father. And you can spend the night in our bus tonight.

Elsa: Aw, thanks.

Button Mash: Hello, Stardust. Nice to meet you. My name is Button Mash.

Babs Seed: Same here. I'm Babs Seed, Apple Bloom's cousin.

Pablo: Hi, I'm Pablo.

Tyrone: My name's Tyrone.

Uniqua: I'm Uniqua.

Tasha: I'm Tasha

Austin: And my name's Austin.

Zoe Trent: I'm Zoe Trent.

Pepper Clark: Uh, Hi, I'm Pepper Clark.

Vinnie Terrio: I'm Vinnie Terrio.

Sunil Nevla: Uh, my name is... Sunil Nevla.

Penny Ling: I'm Penny Ling and I'm pleased to meet you.

Russel Ferguson: Russel Ferguson.

Minka Mark: I'm Minka Mark.

Blythe: I'm Blythe Baxter.

Skarloey: I'm Skarloey.

Rheneas: My name's Rheneas.

Sir Handel: I'm Sir Handel.

Peter Sam: I'm Peter Sam.

Rusty: I'm Rusty.

Duncan: I'm Duncan.

Luke: My name's Luke.

Duke: I'm Duke, and that's Smudger.

Smudger: Not real!

Duke: [as Manny] Shut up.

Yuna: My name's Yuna.

Snowdrop: I'm Snowdrop.

Nyx: Nyx.

Skyla: I'm Skyla.

Zeñorita Cebra: Mi nombre es Zeñorita Cebra.

Wheelie: And my name's Wheelie.

Stardust: Nice to meet you all.

[Marry runs up to Tinkerputt]

Marry: It was true.

Tinkerputt: Yes, I knew it! Stardust will be the star, of the greatest show!

[several machines come out from the stage]

Tinkerputt: I've waited forever for this day!

Marry: Hmm.

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