Starla is a hootin', hollerin cowgirl Monster Machine. A roping expert, Starla's as quick with a lasso as she is on the racetrack. Starla is an outspoken personality who's never shy about expressing herself through the occasional country song or with a bellowing shout of "yee-haw!".

Relationship with Braeburn

Relationship with Round Up

Starla was proud of being a loving mother of Round Up. When Round Up was born, He was a lot like his parents. He was even great at using a lasso. When Round Up was one month foal, Starla enjoys giving him a piggyback ride. Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Darrington, Zeg and Stripes was proud of Starla and Braeburn being great parents. When Round Up grew into a colt, He became part of Yuna's group.


  • Starla is also Braeburn's girlfriend and became his wife.


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