This is how Starlight Glimmer becomes a zombie goes in

[The scene begins at Juniper Montage's lair after she removed Starlight Glimmer's protoplasm from her body and is now talking to Starlight Glimmer's lifeless body]

Juniper Montage: Soon, revenge will be mine.

[Juniper Montage then releases a creature which opens Starlight's mouth and the creature goes inside of her by turning into a stream of mist that flows into her mouth and Starlight Glimmer turns into a mindless zombie]

Juniper Montage: Yes. You're now under my control.

[Starlight Glimmer bows down]

Juniper Montage: Rise.

[Starlight Glimmer arises]

[Then Starlight Glimmer speaks with a spooky voice]

Possessed Starlight Glimmer: What is your command, Mistress?

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