This is how Starlight Glimmer reveals Thomas' past in Starlight Glimmer's Revenge.

[we view Thomas and Starlight Glimmer, face-to-face. Starlight prepares to use magic on him but suddenly stops]

Starlight Glimmer: You should've discovered your past long ago, OpThomas Prime.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Starlight: I mean, [sighs] Primus was only trying to protect you. He didn't want you to find out that you were a Train-Prime. So, now that you have, every Deceptitrain in the universe is after you.

Thomas: No way! That is a lie and you know it!

Starlight: Enough! No it's not! I am telling the truth!

Thomas: No. Then, I'm just...

Starlight: A Train-Prime who has already begun his journey, only.

Thomas: No. This can't be.

Starlight: Besides, Primus would never select an engine who doesn't know a thing or two about his Train-Prime past. Why an engine at your age, you should've become a Prime long ago. [leaves]

[Thomas looks at his scratched Autobot logo. He touches it with a hand then looks at it. It's black]

Thomas: I... I can't do it.

[Twilight Sparkle peaks out from the shadows and gallops over]

Twilight: What did you say?

Thomas: I can't.

Rainbow Dash: [comes out of hiding] You... are... Thomas. Who was the one who took down Megatrain and a million other Deceptitrains?

Thomas: Me.

Pinkie Pie: And who foiled Hunter's plan to capture him.

Thomas: Me! But none of us can...

Rainbow Dash: You can do it, Thomas. Because, all over this planet, there are people who feel like they can't.

Fluttershy: Yeah. Like some little ponies who once spent their days in a friendship-filled kingdom dreaming of the day that they too would save a person from danger and be told: "You did it. You did it, Fluttershy. You saved the day." They need a hero, Thomas.

Zane: Someone, not matter what the odds, will do what's right.

Kai: They need a hero to tell them the impossible can become possible if you are awesome.

Thomas: Well, you are right about one thing, guys. Percy does need a hero. So, I guess I'll have to do.

Pinkie: Yeah! That's the Thomas we know!

Jay: Then, let's go kick some pony and Serpetine tail!

Cole: Sounds like a plan!

Smokescreen: Let's do this thing!

Zane: I am excited to join. [to the Falcon] Aren't you, my robotic feathered friend?

[the Falcons squawks]

Kai: Let's go! Nya, you'll need your Samurai suit.

Nya: Right! [runs off to get it]

Thomas: James, lower your face shield. We need to distract the Serpetine.

James: Right! [lowers his face shield]

Lloyd: I guess we're all set.

Thomas: Then let's...


[Elsewhere, Percy is in a prison cell. Starlight and Pythor come up]

Starlight: Sitting comfortably, Percy? In just a few minuets, the Great Devourer will be unleashed and there will be no one to stop us from getting the four fang blades to do so. And I will finally have my revenge on Twilight Sparkle and her team of dim witted wonder ponies! Isn't that right, Pythor?

Pythor P. Chumsworth: You are very well correct, Miss Starlight!

Percy: You'll never win! My friends will be here any minuet and once they free me, we'll stop you and that Devourer snake. The one that turned Garmadon evil!

Starlight: Too bad, because we've already found the first fang blade and now we only need three more!

Pythor: And once the Great Devourer is unleashed...

Starlight: NO ONE WILL STOP US!!!! [evil laughter]

[the two leave and Percy sighs]

Percy: I hope the others get here soon.

[Outside, our heroes are waiting for the right moment]

Thomas: This is our chance! Everyone, ready?

Jay: Ready as I'll ever be!

Cole: Let's do this!

Lloyd: Let's Ninja-Go!

Kai: I'm ready to kick some serious snake and pony tail!

Thomas: Sssh! Remember, stealth. No one makes a move until I say so!

Jay: [quietly] Oh!

Cole: [quietly] Right!

Lloyd: [quietly] I get it!

Kai: [quietly] Sure!

Thomas: [quietly] Come on, Let's go!

[James sneaks up on Skales and a Fangpyer]

James: Hey, you three!

[they turn around]

James: Yeah, you!

Skales: Who are you? Identitfy yourself.

James: I'm Zoltron.

Skales: We've never heard of you.

James: Just because you haven't heard of me doesn't mean I'm not a villain.

Skales: Oh. Sssso. Why are you here?

James: I am here to join Miss Starlight Glimmer.

Skales: Oh, yesss. She is in her throne room with Pythor.

James: Thank you. [leaves]

Fangpyer: What was that about?

Skales: I don't know.

[Thomas and the ninjas peak out]

Thomas: [whispers] Let's Ninja-Go!

[The Ninja-Go theme song starts playing]

Jay: Do you think we can do this? [looks down at the Serpetine]

Zane: Thomas told me that it's the only way to sneak in.

[The two pounce on the Venomari below]

Thomas: Great jobs, Guys!

Jay: Thanks!

Thomas: Now, let's go get Percy.

Kai: Time to jump up! [jumps]

Lloyd: Kick back! [kicks back]

Jay: Whip around! [whips around]

Cole: And spin! [spins around]

[The group races into the hideout]

Zane: We should be on our guard. As well as Serpetine, Starlight has other villains working for her.

Lloyd: Yeah. Like the Overlord.

Thomas: Then, we'd better be careful!

Cole: Come on!

[They tiptoe through the corridoor]

Jay: Careful!

Kai: Wait, I think I heard something!

[they quickly slip out of sight]

Cole: What do you think it could be?

Zane: I don't know but whatever it is, it can't be good.

[Pythor appears around the corner with Airachnid beside him]

Pythor: Have you ever had any trusting troubles before?

Airachnid: Well, I had some trouble trusting Starscream.

Pythor: Yes.

Airachnid: And I had trouble trusting Breakdown.

Pythor: Mmm-Hmm.

Airachnid: And that's about it really. So tell me about the Great Devourer.

[Pythor and Airachnid disappear from sight and the Ninja and Thomas come out]

Kai: That was close.

Lloyd: Come on! We need to hurry!

[The group runs off down the corridoor and enter the prison]

Thomas: Percy! Where are you?

Percy: Over here!

Thomas: Over where?

Kai: Thomas, over here.

[Thomas and the Ninja run over and find Percy is his cell]

Thomas: Percy!

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