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is a jaguar cub whom Rae the Lioness raises on her spring-fall vacation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in Benny, Leo e Johnny no Brasil. Her eyes are indigo. She looked up to Rae as a mother figure. She is named so because as Johnny the Lion pointed out before the gender was revealed, she "[shone] like stars". It was after then that her gender was revealed.

Prior to the events of the story, Starr had been orphaned and smuggled by someone unknown, but as the plane was flying and the hatch had been left open by mistake, the crate she was in had fallen and landed on top of a tree top.

Luckily, while out with the others on vacation, Rae had wandered away and saw the crate. Curiously, she climbed up the tree to see that the cub was in it. She felt sorry for the cub, and Rafiki helped her get down from the tree as she carried the cub in her arms, causing the crate to fall off the branch. Unknown to them, Heath Lynx was spying for Labão Adões, and the crate falls on the former.

Because of Rae's care for the cub and for having found her, Starr looked up to her as a mother figure. In fact, this is why she think's Rae is her mother.

After this, and before the events of Benny, Leo and Johnny's Holiday in CA, she had been taken to foster care, and eventually was adopted by a lonely Paulo Nelo.


  • She only appeared once. However, she is mentioned again.

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