This is how Starscream's escape goes in Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle Part 2.

Optimus Prime: (voice) Previously on Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic.

Megatron: Commander Starscream is dead.


[End of recaps]

Starscream: Optimus Prime and Princess Twilight Sparkle!

Orion Pax: Please.

Nightfall Twinkle: We mean no harm.

Starscream: No?! Then what are you doing here?!

Orion Pax: Research.

Nightfall Twinkle: For Lord Megatron.

Starscream: Is this some kind of joke?!

Orion Pax: We do not understand.

[Starscream lowers his missiles]

Nightfall Twinkle: And why did you call us Optimus Prime and Princess Twilight Sparkle?

Starscream: Uh, why wouldn't I?

Orion Pax: Because our names are Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle.

Nightfall Twinkle: We are far from being a Prime and Princess.

Starscream: You reminded me of two beings I once knew that's all.

Orion Pax: You're Starscream.

Nightfall Twinkle: And you are Megatron's second-in-command.

Starscream: Yes.

Orion Pax: Megatron told us you had been terminated.

Nightfall Twinkle: We thought what he said was true.

Starscream: Lord Megatron says many things, only some of which are true.

Orion Pax: You don't suppose our leader would speak falselence.

Nightfall Twinkle: Are you sure that's true?

Starscream: [laughs] You two are truly being kept in the dark aren't you?

[Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic theme plays]

[Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic theme ends]

Orion Pax: You speak in many riddles, Starscream.

Nightfall Twinkle: Please. Tell us what it is that you know.

Starscream: And in return....

[Door opens]

Vehicon: Starscream! Surrender!

Orion Pax: Hold your fire!

Nightfall Twinkle: He's not doing any harm!

[Starscream transforms and escapes]

Vehicon: Remain in the lab.

Orion Pax: But...

Nightfall Twinkle: We...

Vehicon: Lord Megatron's orders.

[The Vehicon shuts the door and then transforms to follow Starscream]