Emperor starscream

Starscream is the leader of his followers and the main antagonist of Thomas' Adventures of Transformers: Cybertron and Ryan's and Odette's Comic book adventure.


Starscream was built during the events of "Transformers: Armada"


  • He is the first villain who risks everything in the pursuit of power and the first villain to defeat Ryan.
  • He can travel through dimensions.
  • He has a friendship with Matau T. Monkey.
  • Starscream will get his revenge on Ryan for helping Galvatron defeat him in Ryan's and Odette's Comic book adventure.
  • Starscream gets beaten by Ryan in order to protect the Elements of Harmony.
  • In an alternate timeline, he starts a war against King Sombra.
  • In another alternate timeline, he successfully banish Ryan to the moon and ruled the universe as its king with Sideways and Soundwave by his sides.