This is how Starscream defeats Galvatron goes in Showdown.

[Galvatron gets up]

Starscream: So, the worm still squrms.

Galvatron: Starscream...

Starscream: Why don't you give it up. You are only prolonging your pain.

Galvatron: I never rest if I lost to a weakling like you!

Starscream: Bold words. Maybe I put them on your tombstone.

Galvatron: You wanted to risk everything?! So be it!

Starscream: I won't hold anything back!

[Starscream and Galvatron start charging up their energy]

Soundwave: What are they doing?

Sideways: Those two are channeling enough energy to wipe out small planets!

Soundwave: Well, I'm not sticking around to hear that groove. Let's warp our tails out of here.

Sideways: We can't leave without the Omega Lock! If we do then we failed our planet. Our people!

Soundwave: Let's do it.

[Soundwave and Sideways teleport away. Starscream and Galvatron start fighting]

Jetfire: That's impossible! No one can channel that much energy.

Optimus Prime: If either one of them survives the battle, we'll have to fight them for the Omega Lock. But I don't know if we have a chance against that kind of power.

[Soundwave and Sideways arrive at the Omega Lock's location]

Soundwave: I think I see it.

Sideways: I'll get it. Save yourself!

Soundwave: No way, brother. We're in this together.

Galvatron: Farewell, Starscream!

Starscream: Galvatron, say hello to oblivion!

[Galvatron and Starscream crash into each other]

[An explosion happens]


Trixie Lulamoon: Galvatron? Obliterated?

[Starscream is seen floating above the smoked crater and looks down at it]

Starscream: You see, Galvatron, when don't you risk anying in the pursuit of power, you could wind up with nothing. That's why I risk everything.

Starlight Glimmer: I can't believe he defeated him.

[Soundwave and Sideways appear with the Omega Lock and give it to Starscream and he takes it and turns to Thunderblast, Thundercracker, Ransack, and Dark Crumplezone]

Starscream: Follow me, warriors.

Soundwave: Galvatron has been defeated. Starscream is the new Decepticon leader.

Sideways: All hail Starscream!

[Thunderblast, Thundercracker, Ransack, and Dark Crumplezone look at each other before bowing to Starscream]

Thunderblast, Thundercracker, Ransack, and Dark Crumplezone: (together) Long live Starscream.

[Starscream, Soundwave, Sideways, Thunderblast, Thundercracker, Ransack, and Dark Crumplezone leave Gigantion]

Thomas: What happened to Galvatron?

Vector Prime: I say he was blasted into another dimension.

[High above the planet, floating on the solar winds... Galvatron's cannon drifts in the cosmic night]

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