This is how Starscream forms an alliance with The Mane-iac goes in The Power Bots.

[We view the Mane-iac's headquarters, her shampoo factory]

The Mane-iac:


The Mane-iac:


The Mane-iac:



The Mane-iac:


[Starscream arrives and transforms to robot mode and pries the door open]

Starscream: So you're the one who the pathetic assistant of the Princess of Friendship was talking about.

[The Mane-iac gives a signal and the henchponies step away]

The Mane-iac: Who are you?

Starscream: I am Starscream.

The Mane-iac: Why are you here?

Starscream: To propose an alliance. You see we have much more in common than you think. And I am not merely referring to our battle scars.

The Mane-iac: What could I possibly gain from such an arrangement?

Starscream: Insider knowledge.

[The Mane-iac looks at him]

Starscream: Now, you must understand. Super-powers aren't found but earnt. Which means they will reject any soul. Expect proper ones who believe in justice.

The Mane-iac: Go on.

Starscream: Some super-powers come from within. But I can possible gain that sort of power too. If I had the right oppotunity.

[He turns to the Mane-iac]

Starscream: We could possibly gain enough power to dominate the entire planet. Enough power for us to share.

The Mane-iac: If that means that power meeting my constant demands.

Starscream: Ahhh, intending to build an army are you?

[He lifts her up by her strands of long green hair]

Starscream: I am no stranger to ambition.

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