This is how Starscream meets his Cybertron counterpart goes in Ryan's and Odette's Comic book adventure.

[Starscream (in his RID 2015 look) is walking in a forest]

RID 2015 Starscream: Now. Where are you, Megatron?


RID 2015 Starscream: Ow. Watch where you're going, you... Whoa.


RID 2015 Starscream: Oh. It's just a tree.


RID 2015 Starscream: Where are those Mini-cons?


RID 2015 Starscream:

Cybertron Starscream: (offscreen)


Cybertron Starscream: Hello, Starscream.

RID 2015 Starscream: How do you know my name?

Cybertron Starscream: I got your name. I'm from another dimension.

RID 2015 Starscream: Another dimension eh? [notices the crown] Nice crown.

Cybertron Starscream: Thanks.

RID 2015 Starscream: What brings you here in the Backyardigans world?

Cybertron Starscream:

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