This is how Starscream talks to Galvatron goes in Unfinished.

[We see Galvatron standing alone in space on an asteroid]

Galvatron: How could I have failed? After so many millennia of battles wage, everything lies in ruin.

Starscream: (voice) So, you're giving up. Heh, you're certainly no Unicron!

[Galvatron sees a dark shape approaching]

Galvatron: How can this be?

Starscream: You and Ryan defeated me and this is all you have to show for it? How dare you give up before the job is done!?

[Starscream, in spirit form, appears before him with Soundwave and Sideways by his sides]

Galvatron: You... Starscream!

Starscream: So you haven't forgotten me like you forgot your ambitions, or was it just too much for you?

Galvatron: You dare talk to me of ambition, you backstabbing fiend! If not for them, those accursed Autobots, I would have destroyed the universe!

Starscream: Hehehe... well, whatever you have to tell yourself.

[Starscream starts to dissolve]

Galvatron: Starscream! Come back here!

[But he's gone. Galvatron notices his crown on the ground and picks it up]

Galvatron: Hmmm, his crown... As pathetic as it sounds, he's right! [chucks Starscream's crown away] I am Galvatron.

[Thomas appears behind him]

Thomas: We know you are.

[Galvatron turns]

Thomas: But that doesn't mean you can't learn about friendship.

Galvatron: OpThomas Prime. You saw your friend help me?

Thomas: Yes. And he understands you and so do I. I can help you learn about friendship. [extends his hand to Galvatron] Take my hand, Galvatron. Let me show you that there is another way. Like Twilight once did for Sunset.

[Galvatron hesitates for a moment but then reaches out for Thomas' hand and takes it]

Thomas: Thanks.

Galvatron: At least I would fight Optimus one last time.

[They turn and see the Equestria Girls]

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): You did well.

Rigby (EG):

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