This is how Starscream turns the Autobots into Sparklings goes in Sparkling Problems.

[The Autobots and ponies head to Starscream's location, the Harbinger]

Optimus Prime: Starscream and Hardshell should be inside.

Arcee: [to the ponies] Stay here.

Bumblebee: It's not safe for you Equines.

Bulkhead: We need to keep you safe.

Ratchet: Let's go.

Wheeljack: We'll take them completely by surprise.

Smokescreen: Yeah.

Ultra Magnus: Be cautious, you two.

Knock Out: Starscream sure does pack a punch with his claws.

[They enter the ship and look around]

Arcee: Guess we must've missed them.

[Starscream lands in front of them]

Starscream: Hello, Autobots.

[The Autobots ready their weapons]

Starscream: No need to fight me with guns.

[Starscream brings out his own gun and powers it up]

Starscream: Say hello to the Sparkling Ray! [fires it]

[The Autobots scream in pain. Hardshell watches in joy while Soundwave surprisingly turns his head away in shame]

[The Autobots shrink and turn into Sparklings]

Sparkling Optimus Prime: Uh, what happened?

Sparkling Wheeljack: Where am I?

Sparkling Bumblebee: [to Sparkling Arcee] Hi, what's your name?

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