This is how Starscream vs. Galvatron and Ryan goes in Showdown.

[Ryan flies and sees Galvatron confronting Starscream]

Galvatron: Starscream.

Starscream: Galvatron.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, King William reject!

Starscream and Galvatron: (together) You stay out of this!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry. I don't mean about you, Galvatron. [points to Starscream] Just King Clown here.

Starscream: I'll show you a clown! [blasts Ryan to the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ouch. You have got new power. Why do you want to get rid of Galvatron?

Starscream: Because, Prime-prince, I wanted to be leader of the Decepticons instead of Galvatron.

Ryan F-Freeman: Such traitorous nonsense. I don't think Galvatron would give you the Omega Lock.

Starscream: That is not happening.

Galvatron: Ryan's right, Starscream. He will have the Omega Lock so he could give it to his mentor Primus.

Starscream: So Galvatron has gone soft.

Ryan F-Freeman: I find your lack of understanding the Magic of Friendship disturbing.

Starscream: Whatever.

Galvatron: Oh please. You can never defeat me and Ryan. Even if you grow a hundred times his size. You were a weakling when I found you and you're a weakling still. Nothing but a sniffling...

Starscream: Spare me your lectures! You know nothing of power!

Galvatron: Oh?

Starscream: Do you know what real power is?

Ryan F-Freeman: Get to the point already!

Starscream: True simple determination! Making the impossible possible through sheer FORCE OF WILL!

[Starscream releases a wave of force that makes Galvatron and Ryan flinch and knocks the Autobots out of the sky]

Starscream: I have risked everything in pursuit of this power! I have given myself over to it, body and spark! Now witness...the power of one who has SACRIFICED EVERYTHING!

Galvatron: Ha! If you believe that... then you're a bigger fool than I thought! Witness the power of the ones who risks NOTHING!

Starscream: SO BE IT!

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe I can do this thing. CYBER KEY POWER!!

Starscream: CYBER KEY POWER!

[Starscream's Cyber Key unlocks his cannon and sword]

[Ryan summons his Keyblade and his Cyber Key unlocks his jetpack mounted Waluigi launchers]

Ryan F-Freeman: Prepare to be exterminated, Starscream!

[Galvatron's Cyber Key unlocks his cannon]

Galvatron: Enough magic tricks! Time for some hardware!

[Ryan's Cyber Key unlocks his Requiem Blaster]

Ryan F-Freeman: That's not the only thing that's going retro, sweetheart.

[Ryan and Galvatron fire their weapons at Starscream, but he dodges all of them and even transforms to his jet mode]

Starscream: Is that what you call teamwork and firepower!?

Ryan F-Freeman: What!?

Starscream: Are you seriously trying to threaten me with a pee shooter?!

Ryan F-Freeman and Galvatron: What?!?!

[Starscream transforms to robot mode and shoulder charges at Galvatron and Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: [Wilhelm scream]

[Starscream crashes them to a wall]

Starscream: Now this is fire power!

[He fires lasers]

Ryan F-Freeman: [groans] What a ride.

Starscream: So. End of conversation.

Ryan F-Freeman: I saw my time with Darla Dimple flash before my eyes.

Starscream: You'll have to do better than that.

Galvatron: Bravo, Starscream. Your performance is so convincing, I almost want to applaud. [laughs]

Starscream: Oh, how generous of you. In turn, let me give you a big hand.

[Starscream's right arm grows bigger and heads towards Galvatron and Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: This is going to hurt. [closes his eyes]

[Starscream's arm punches Galvatron and Ryan into a wall and retracts back towards Starscream and shrinks back to its original size]

Starscream: You know it's pretty amazing when you think about it. With the power I already absorbed, I can increase the mass of my body at will. And soon I will multiply that power a hundred fold.

Ryan F-Freeman: That is quite a HAND-full, Starscream. Here's a little hand me down for you![fires his Requiem Blaster at Starscream]

[Starscream dodges]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. You're good but we're better.

[Ryan fires his Requiem Blaster at Starscream, but he dodges]

Ryan F-Freeman: How did you keep dodging!?

Galvatron: Then Ryan and I suppose you'd be a hundred times the fool you are. Right now.

Starscream: Let's do it.

Ryan F-Freeman: Take that!! [uses his magic to push Starscream to a wall]

[Starscream blasts Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: [coughs] Shocking. You did think I would surrender to you, Starscream?

Starscream: Why not, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: The only thing I am with Galvatron is that I understand him.

Starscream: So be it.

Ryan F-Freeman: Un guard!

Starscream: Un guard?

[Ryan chuckles then he uses his speed to dodge Starscream's attacks]

Galvatron: What's the matter, Starscream? Can't keep up with the Prime-prince of Friendship with Chuck's speed?

Ryan F-Freeman: For a king that big, you sure are slow!

Starscream: You're the one that's slow! [blasts Ryan]

[Ryan dodges the blast and fires his Requiem Blaster at Starscream]

Galvatron: Go, Ryan!!

[Starscream blasts Ryan, who dodges all but one, allowing Starscream to regain the upper hand]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh you got me. I'm not going down.

Starscream: Not a chance, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Now, Galvatron. [high fives Galvatron]

[Ryan and Galvatron fire their weapons at Starscream, but he dodges all of them]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh come on! You're worse then Rothbart!

[Starscream grabs Ryan and throws him at Galvatron]

Ryan F-Freeman: Tell Odette, I like her!

Starscream: Too much information!

[Galvatron catches Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Nice catch, Galvatron. Now let's get him. [fires his Requiem Blaster at Starscream]

Galvatron: Thank you, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Starscream. Let's dance with the hero who risks NOTHING! Ninja-GO!!!

[Ryan spins at Starscream]

Starscream: [laughs] You make me laugh.

Ryan F-Freeman: [stops spinning] What are you laughing at?

Starscream: I'm laughing at you, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Good show. Your skills are so good like mine, I really want to applaud.

Starscream: How nice. Prime-prince.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think I am drawing a blank in that one. My apprentice, Matau, got the power of Primus, you got the power of Primus. Anyhow. Nice crown. It's better then mine.

Starscream: Thanks.

Ryan F-Freeman: That is cool. You and Galvatron need some target practice.

[The two cons fire]

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? Wait a sec! I didn't say "Use me for target practice"! [flies around, screaming]

[Ryan flies past Starscream then the rockets blow up]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry! Matau did like you as a friend because of his power and friendship.

Starscream: Sure. I know you do think that Darla Dimple and Sora got ties to you. If you know what power you got.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know OpThomas Prime told me this. And I know that I have something that is the same as your power. The friends I meet. I become a part of thier heart and spark. Just like they become a part of mine. I risk nothing for this thing. My friends are my power and I'm thiers!

Starscream: You mean... you know about power?

Starscream: Thus endeth the reign of Galvatron.

Galvatron: How can this be... are we... to be defeated... by Starscream?

Ryan F-Freeman: No.... I will not be defeated... I will never give up. Even my last breath.

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