Here's how the start of winter and Snowdrop and Arlo's play goes in The Snowdrop Movie.

Yuna: [narrting] This is Equestria. It has been attacked by dragons for many years, but now the equines had made peace with the dragons. And alliance with the vikings of the Isle of Berk and the people of Rhode Island. And this is where our story begins... with me, Yuna....

Snowdrop: [comes in] You?! Come on Yuna, you've been the main character several times.

Yuna: [off screen] Snowdrop! You're embarrassing me in front of the audience!

Snowdrop: Well, things are gonna change. I'm the lead character!

Yuna: [off screen] Oh, come on! You've been the lead character from your last movie!

Snowdrop: Yeah, but I got a new one. [starts making a title (with her dragons help). And makes it called "The Snowdrop Movie"] There! Now this titles a knock out! [she hops on Frostlord and her dragons fly in the story]

[In the story]

[We see Snowdrop. Frostlord, and Eaglesight]

Snowdrop: Ready or not! Here I come! [runs to find her dragons]

[Snowdrop searches though out many of the trees]

[Then she hears rustling]

Snowdrop: I know you're there, you 2.

[She starts to crawl on the ground towards a pile of leaves and Eaglesight ponces on her]

Eaglesight: [licking Snowdrop]

Snowdrop: [giggles]

[then Frostlord jumps out from a tree and nuzzles her]

Snowdrop: Stop tickling! Okay! Okay! I give up!

Arlo: Snowdrop!

[Arlo comes out the bushes]

Arlo: Hey there!

Snowdrop: Arlo?

Arlo: Yeah.

Snowdrop: Arlo! It is you! What are you doing here?

Arlo: My dad is gone for the winter, so I decided to be with you.

Snowdrop: Great! [taps him] You're it! [races off]

Arlo: Hey, no fair! [chases her]

[they all race through the feilds, laughing as their game of tag continues]

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