Here is how Baby Emerald was doing with Sylvia Marpole, Mickey and the Gang in Emerald's Grand Day Out.

At the hotel, Sylvia was about finish giving Emerald a bath.

Sylvia Marpole: (washing her with baby soap) We're almost done, Emerald. (pours the warm water)

Baby Emerald: (giggles)

Sylvia Marpole: All right, Out we go. (gets her out of the tub and dried her up with the towel) There now, All done.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling)

Sylvia rocked Emerald to sleep humming "La La Lu" and puts her on a crib.

Mickey Mouse: Sylvia?

Sylvia Marpole: Shh, (whispers) Emerald is asleep.

Mickey Mouse: (whispers) Oops, Ha ha. Sorry. Can we talk out here for a minute?

Sylvia Marpole: (nods)

Soon, They had a little talk.

Mickey Mouse: So, Sylvia. How soon are we going to get Emerald back to Rarity and Spike?

Sylvia Marpole: As soon as we packed everything to be ready.

Mickey Mouse: What if Thaddeus, Feathers and the Vultures get to us?

Gremlin Gus: It's gonna be risky.

Sylvia Marpole: Then, It's the risk we'll have to take. I've promised Rarity I'd get Emerald home soon.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus was furious.

Thaddeus E. Klang: I've given you two one simple task and you failed me! I should've never send a vulture to do a penguin's job. (to Feathers McGraw) Feathers! Find that infant unicorn!

Feathers McGraw: (nods and begins his hunt)

Arthur: Cec, Do you get the feeling we're doing a wrong thing taking Emerald away from Rarity?

Cecil: I see what ya mean, Artie.

Arthur: So, Now what?

Cecil: Time we do the right thing.

So, Arthur and Cecil switched sides as they flew away from Thaddeus E. Klang.

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