Stefano as drawn by FantasyFilms2011.

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Stefano (voiced by Martin Short) is a bubbly, friendly, and Italian-speaking Sea Lion from the movie Madagascar 3 who lives in Circus Zaragoza with his friends Vitaly and Gia.

In the circus's star days he helped Vitaly out with his hoop jumping act by providing rings that were impossible to jump throught. One day Vitaly told him to light the smallest hoop they had, which was no bigger then a pinkie ring, on fire. The sea lion did as he was told but when he eagerly watched the show he was horrified when Vitaly ended up engulfed in flames and imediantly rushed in to rescue his friend.

After that the circus fell into a rut for a long time. But when Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman came along he imediantly took a liking to them, including Marty, whom he formed a brotherly like bond with along with an act for shooting themselves out of cannons.

Upon discovering the zoosters had lied to the circus animals just so they could get back to New York, Stefano sobs of a broken heart and parts ways with them then and there. But when the circus is set up in New York the sea lion realizes that he couldn't go on without the four he had grown to love as family, including Marty, and sobs about it until Julien, who was darted back at the zoo, comes and tells the circus animals about the four's plight.

During the circus themed rescue, Stefano was almost killed by a crazed DuBois who wanted to kill him out of revenge for having her lion heat taken away from her but was saved by Alex and Gia, using their Trapeze Americano act to rescue him and to send the crazy woman right into Alex's former cage while he watched a real Trapeze Americano act with tears of joys in his eyes.

In the end he, Vitaly and Gia travel with the Madagascar team around the world.