Stephen and the Scraplets is a new movie created by Transformersprimefan.


When the Island of Sodor becomes infested by an enormous army of Scraplets, Stephen the Rocket Engine must be a brave, noble Trainbot knight in order to stop it. But little does Stephen know, that it is Soundwave (from Transformers: Prime) who is controlling the Scraplets to get revenge on Jack, Raf, and Miko for shutting him and Laserbeak in the Shadowzone. With Blue Dragon on his side, Stephen will ride into the battle and be the true Trainbot knight he is.


Soundwave returns

Soundwave is wandering around in the Shadowzone with Laserbeak. However, as he turns a bend, he runs into an enormous colony of Scraplets. Soundwave soon comes up with a plan for revenge on Jack, Raf and Miko and hypnotises the Scraplets into helping him with this.

The Scraplet Invasion

Meanwhile, Stephen is at Ulfstead Castle. Thomas the tank engine comes up and says hello, then something bites his buffer. Stephen notices and predicts that the Scraplets have returned. Thomas claims that Stephen as he sees a dozen others below them. They race to find Ratchet, who explains that this is an invasion... A SCRAPLET INVASION!

Dreadwing's ressurection

Soundwave runs into Dreadwing's corpse and uses the Forge of Solus Prime to ressurect him. Soundwave promises that if Dreadwing serves him well, he will recieve a great reward. Dreadwing tells Soundwave that he wants revenge on a certain red tender engine who killed his brother, SkyQuake. Soundwave orders a few to find more metal to chew on and they do so, Soundwave sends Dreadwing to go with them.

Percy's Story of Soundwave

Meanwhile, the Nemesis floats in a blue sky. Percy is reading about the time he first took on Soundwave. Ari enters, carrying a strange looking ship. Percy suspects the ship belongs to Soundwave and Ari asks who Soundwave is. Percy tells Ari about how he first met Soundwave and took him on. Ari is devisated but also excited about wanting to meet a Decepticon and taking it head on.


  •  guest star in this film


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