This is how Stephen goes to battle in Stephen and the Scraplets.

[Outside, Soundwave and the Scraplets arrive at a junkyard]

Soundwave: Chew every last bit of metal you can find. Chomp it down to the last bit of scrap.

[The Scraplets start chewing on the metal. Then, Soundwave is hit on the head by hundreds of ice cubes]

Soundwave: What in the AllSpark?!

[He then looks up and sees Stephen and Blue Dragon approaching]

Stephen: [jumps down from Blue Dragon] Soundwave!

Soundwave: And just who do you think you are?

Stephen: My name is Stephen. And I am here to stop you.

[Stephen takes out his sword and charges at Soundwave. Soundwave transforms and attacks and the two get into a big fight]

Soundwave: Die, Trainbot. [throws a punch]

Stephen: Never! [swings his sword]

[Blue Dragon sprays extremely hot water at Soundwave. The others arrive aboard the Nemesis to see what is happening]

Thomas: Stephen!

[The battle between the two bots continues until Stephen receives a blast in the chest from Soundwave. Soundwave then takes a sword and stabs him]

Percy: No!

Pinkie: Stephen! [thinks for a moment] Wait here! I'll be right back! Ratchet, get a Space Bridge to the Shadowzone open!

Ratchet: You got it!

[Stephen continues to battle Soundwave, even though he is injured. The fight gets more firm until Soundwave throws a final blast at Stephen, killing him]

Thomas: Stephen's... gone.

Twilight Sparkle: Even without him, we can still defeat Soundwave!

[Pinkie soon arrives back at the Junkyard, having gathered all the metal she can]

Blue Dragon: You dirty...

Soundwave: [evil laugh] Not even your brave Trainbot knight can stop me.

Blue Dragon: [roars a stream of boiling hot water at Soundwave]


Thomas: Serves you right for killing Stephen.

Blue Dragon: [then he roars out freezing cold water]

Soundwave: Cold! Cold! Cold! Freezing! Freezing!

Rainbow Dash: Keep going, Blue!

Applejack: Yeah! Show that bad bot some manners.

Thomas: [goes over to Stephen's corpse] We will never forget you, Stephen.

James: Yeah!

Ratchet: Perhaps Soundwave killing you didn't mean the end of your life. But it turned out to be the beginning of a greater journey.

Scootalooo: But, we can't just leave him like this!

Ratchet: I know we can't, Scootaloo. Knock Out, take Stephen to the Nemesis medical bay and hook him up to a life support machine.

Knock Out: You got it. [runs off carrying Stephen]

Pinkie: Ratchet, open the Space Bridge to the Shadowzone.

Ratchet: Way ahead of you. [Opens the Space Bridge to the Shadowzone]

[Soundwave tries to run off but Blue Dragon stops by spitting ice cubes all over the ground. Soundwave trips and falls]

Blue Dragon: [starts laughing at Soundwave]

Soundwave: You little blue ice cube spitting moron! It's not funny!

Blue Dragon: Well, it is to me. [continues laughing at Soundwave]

Soundwave: [throws a punch in which Blue Dragon dodges]

Blue Dragon: Is that all you've got? [roars out a stream of extremely hot water]

Soundwave: Stop that!

Thomas: Now, Pinkie!

Pinkie: [throws the metal through the Space Bridge]

Scraplets: [chase after the metal]

Soundwave: Wha?

Scraplets: [continue to chase the metal into the Space Bridge]

Soundwave: You fools! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!

Ratchet: Couldn't fall for a last minute trick, could ya, Soundwave?

Soundwave: [growls, follows the Scraplets] Stop, you idiots!

Pinkie: Going, going... [watches Soundwave disappear into the Space Bridge]

Ratchet: [closes the Space Bridge] Gone!

Percy: We did it!

James: But right now, we've got Stephen to worry about!

Thomas: To the Shadowzone!

[the team bridges through to the Shadowzone]

[in Shadowzone]

Percy: It's spooky here.

Pinkie: It's okay, Percy. They say that the zombicon SkyQuake used to haunt this place.

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