This is how Stewie and Brian become Superheroes goes in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends.

[Meanwhile in the Family Guy World]

Stewie Griffin: Hey, Brain. What you got.

Brian Griffin: I think I got a text on my phone from another Prime. Ryan F-Freeman?

Stewie: Wow. Let me have a look.

[He look at the Text]

Stewie: So. Meg has a boyfriend? No wonder I watch Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

Brian: Yes. I think the Prime-prince of Friendship needs our help.

Stewie: We can be heroes to help those heroes.

Brian: How? How can we be a Superhero?

Stewie: Follow me.

[They went to Stewie's Room]

Stewie: I got these in here.

[He open the Closet and see some Batman and Robin gadgets and Costumes]

Brian: How did you get that?

Stewie: I brought it on the Internet.

Brian: Ok. Let's suit up.

They dress up as Batman and Robin

Brian: How do I look, Stewie?

Stewie: You look like George Clooney Batman.

Brian: Oh no! That's the Best looking guy, but the worst Batman!

Stewie: How do you like my villains costume, Brian!?

Brian: That's not a Villain Costume's. That's Robin, he's a good guy.

Stewie: If he's such a good guy, why does he live with Batman rent free? He's a squatter and squatters are public tyrants!

Brian: Maybe Ryan might be hypnotized by the Dazzlings.

Stewie: Look, we don't have time for that, Come on.

Brian: Ok. Let's go see Ryan.

They going down stair

Meg: Nice Batman Costumes, Brian. You look adorable.

Brian: Thanks, but I'm not trying to be adorable. I'm a vigilante.

Meg: Really? People think I'm a vigilante, because I look good in flannel and want a Subaru.

Brian: I don't think you know what vigilante means.

He and Stewie went Outside

Bonnie: Aren't you just the cutest?!

Brian: I'm not cute, I'm a superhero!

Bonnie: No. No way. If I was getting robbed and you came to save me, I'd hand the robber my purse, then steal your wallet so I came out even.

Joe: Cute outfit, Brian

Brian: It's not supposed to be cute! Do people call you cute in your cop uniform?!

Joe: Yes, they do. They see a cop in a wheelchair and think it's a grown up "Make-A Wish" type deal.

Peter saw Brian and Stewie dress up saw Batman and robin

Peter: Hey, guys.

Brian: Peter. Stewie and I are going to help out a Prime-prince.

Peter: The boyfriend of my daughter? Nice Halloween costume.

Brian: It's not a Halloween Costume.

The two of them went off and Quagmire saw them

Quagmire: Don't you have to be rich to be like Batman?

Brian: I may not be wealthy, but I'm rich with character.

Quagmire: Didn't you get caught wearing a fake seeing-eye-dog vest to get into movies for free?

Brian: Just let me play superhero okay!?

Quagmire: I got something for ya.

He punched his Eye

Brian: Ow! What the Heck?

Quagmire: I want to wish you luck.

He left

Brian: Man, that hurt my eye.

Stewie: Let's just get in the car.

He and Brian went into Brian's Car

Brian: You know, I think I'm gonna get Quagmire for giving me Black Eye.

Stewie: Ok. Ryan and the gang, here we come!

[They drive off]

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