Here's how Snowdrop writes a letter to her family in The Snowdrop Movie.

[we watch Snowdrop, Skyla, and their dragons at many different places at different angles]

Snowdrop: [calling under a log] Hello!??!

Skyla: [looking inside a hole in an Oak tree] Anyone there?!

[Menawhile our heroes are still building the house]

Astrid: At this rate, we'll have the Winter house done in no time!

Yuna: Yes, but I'm still not happy with you snapping at Snowdrop.

Astrid: She'll be fine.

Yuna: Okay, but I still worry about her.

[then Snowdrop, Skyla, and their dragons walk by]

Snowdrop: [looking up a torch post] Hello? Is Anyone up there?

Skyla: [flys up to a veiw]

Snowdrop: What do you see?!

Skyla: Nothing! [flies back] but the others are there.

Snowdrop: Mabye they know where they are!

Hiccup: Uh, who are you searching for?

Snowdrop: My family.

Fishlegs: Your family?

Skyla: Yeah, we're trying to find her other family members.

Astrid: You're crazy.

Yuna: [covers Astrid's mouth] What Astrid meand is that, where's your family.

Snowdrop: Not a clue, so me and Skyla are trying to find out. 

Arlo: I'll help!

Snowdrop: Great! Come on, slowpoke!

Arlo: You're a slowbro! [chases after her]

Skyla: Come on.

[Crystal Heart follows her]

Astrid: Okay, I got nothing on that. [continues working]

Pepper Clark: I do!

Mako: Me to!

Pepper Clark: Maybe we should give Snowdrop and Skyla a hand.

Pinkie: We can find them ourselves for her!

Human Pinkie: I'll do it too!

Mako: Then let's get to it!

[They head off]

[At the Clubhouse]

Snowdrop: I bet my aunt was Primrose's best mother.

Skyla: What about your uncle?

Snowdrop: And that!

Skyla: [finds something] Hey, what's this?

[she pulls out a heart capsule]

Snowdrop: [sees it with her force vision] [gasps] A heart capsule!

Skyla; Maybe a picture of your family's inside!

Snowdrop: Good idea. Mabye, my brothers, my cousins, or my aunt and uncle! [can't open it] Can't get it open.

[Frostlord then opens it with his claws]

[they look inside and find nothing]

Skyla: It's empty.

Snowdrop: [sniffs] I'll never find them now.

Skyla: [lsees some papper and then gets an idea] Hey, maybe you can write them a letter!

Snowdrop: Perfect! [grabs a pencil] Could you help me, Skyla?

Skyla: Sure.

Snowdrop: [as she writes] "Dear, releatives. This is Snowdrop. I wanna hear you guys and see you with my force vision. And I hope to see you, love Snowdrop".

Skyla: Alright. [takes the letter and puts it in an envelope.]

[But the wind blows it away]

Snowdrop: Now, we wait.

[The 2, Arlo, and their dragons sit and wait]

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