Stingerella, A red-sash wearing Rinshi and the only female member of The Five Poisons. She possess the spirit of the Scorpion, her dance and kick combination that earned her the nickname, "Queen of the Toxic Dance." She lightly poisoned Casey Rhodes in their first encounter, once Jarrod defeated him. The dosage was not enough to kill him, but it did make him temporarily suffer massive pain. When she is sent to attack the city, with her dancing Rinshi, they trounced the Rangers. The Rangers later responded with a similar dance based technique. Then, Toady interfered, finally convincing Stingerella that they must join forces to combine their strengths. Stingerella, impressed with Toady's new attitude, she fell in love with him. When Toady was destroyed, she vowed to avenge Toady and grew giant. She unleashed an army of little scorpions on the Jungle Pride Megazord but their Savage Spin shook them off and she was ultimately destroyed by it.


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