This is how stopping Horifficator and Ladyan vs Terror-Blaze goes in Horrificator (CTaRAoMToLaCN).


Iago: Ok, Sorina. Rianna know the plan?

Sorina: Yes, Iago. And Ladyan can do his best.

Evil Ryan: I hope Ladybug knows what she's doing. [spots a purple glow] Oh no! It's the ghost light! Stay back! Go scare Terror-Blaze!

Megatron: Sorry. Didn't meant to scare you.

Ladyan: I bet the Akuma is in that red gem.


Evil Ryan: Yeah. The Ghost light is not purple or red. Mater told me that the Ghost light is blue.

[Then a blue light appears. Evil Ryan looks behind him and looks at a light and then, he gasps]

Evil Ryan: [in Mater's Voice] THE GHOSTLIGHT!!!

[Evil Ryan starts running, screaming]

[Ladyan looks and stops Terror-Blaze from grabbing Sorina]

Ladyan: Not this time.


Ryan Repulsa: There is Ladyan! Absorb his fears and grab his Miraculous!



Ladyan: So, Terror-Blazey. You want to go a few rounds? When this is over, we'll see who is more brave.

[Back to Evil Ryan, he screams and dodges Horrificator's attacks]

Evil Ryan: The Ghostlight's right behind me! AAAHH! [notices Gloriosa as Gaia Everfree] Now, it's Gaia Everfree! It's right on my tail! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

[Evil Ryan runs

Evil Ryan: [in slow-motion while doing Doc's drift] MEGATRON!!!! SORAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Sci-Ryan: Heh.

Evil Ryan: The Ghostlight's gonna get me instead of Horrificator!

Evil Rianna: Let me know how it turns out.


Ladyan: Time to do what I know, Terroy. Lucky Charm!

[a guitar appears]

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