Commander Stor is the Leader of the Sontaran Special Space Service and the main antagonist of Pooh's adventures with Doctor Who: The Invasion of Time.


Stor flanked by Sontarans

Stor is first seen when our heroes think that Gallifrey is safe from the Vardans. He tells them that the Vardans' purpose was to make the Doctor deactivate Gallifrey's transduction barrier, allowing his fleet to invade Gallifrey.

Stor tries to kill the Doctor and his friends and take control of the TARDIS, but then decides to blow it up with a grenade. Luckily, the Doctor kills him with a De-Mat gun he made Rodan construct.


  • Stor is played by Derek Deadman.


"There is no advantage in killing yet. Slavery is more efficient."

"I am Commander Stor of the Sontaran Special Space Service."

"I call nobody sir, except my battalion leader!"

"The glorious Sontaran army reckons its numbers in thousands of millions."

"The ultimate goal is victory."

"This machine is a load of obsolete rubbish."

"We will do battle on your own ground, Doctor."

"If we cannot control the power of the Time Lords, then we shall destroy it. Goodbye, Doctor."