(Thunder claps)

(Wind blows)

Narrator: Through the snow and sleet and hale, through the blizzard, through the gale, through the wind and through the rain. Over the mountain or the plane. Through the brightening lighting clash...(lightening clashes)...and the mighty thunder clash. (Thunder clashes) Ever faithful, ever true. Nothing stops him. He'll get through.

(Plane engineers)

Chorus: (sings) Look out for Mr. Stork That persevering chap He'll come along and drop A bundle in your lap You may be poor or rich It doesn't matter which Millionaires, they get theirs Like the butcher and the baker So look out for Mr. Stork

And let me tell you, friend Don't try to get away He'll find you in the end He'll spot you out in China or he'll fly to County Cork So you better look out for Mr. Stork

(One of the storks points down to the land)

(The storks drops the bags fill with the baby animals and the parachutes open)

(They land somewhere where mothers and fathers expecting the babies)

(First, the first baby bear lands on the ground and opens out of the bag before the mother bear wakes up and hugs it happily)

(The second bear lands with the bag opened and the mother bear hugs it too)

(Next, the baby kangaroo lands on the ground with the bag opened and hops on the mother kangaroo who wakes up and happily hugs it)

(Next, the baby hippo lands into the water with the bag opened and sleeps next to the mother hippo)

Chorus: (sings) Look out for Mr. Stork He's got you on his list (the bag lands on the ground and opens before the baby tigers appear) And when he comes around It's useless to resist Remember those quintuplets and the woman in the shoe (the mother tiger wakes up and sees the babies very happily) Maybe he's got his eye on you (the father tiger comes to see the babies and smiles)

(Next, the baby giraffe licks the mother giraffe to wake her up before it lands and then she smiles)

(The bag opens and the baby giraffe hugs her with its neck)

(Meanwhile, Mrs. Jumbo waits for the baby to come, looking at the night sky)

(She spots on the bag filled with the first baby animal which lands on the ground and next to the side of the elephant fence on the left)

(Then she sees the second baby in the bag landing on the ground and next to the elephant fence on the right)

(She looks up at the sky again before she sadly wait again)

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