This is how Stormy Weather rises and Sci-Ryan's pain goes in Stormy Weather (CTaRaoMToLaCN).

[At Chloe's place]

Sci-Ryan: I hope Aurora wins.

Mr. Potato Head:

[They watch TV]

Alec: This is the moment you've been waiting for! The viewers at home had made their decision and the new KIDZ+ weather girl is....

Mr. Potato Head: Mrs. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head... [to Sci-Ryan] What? I can dream, can't I?


Alec: Mirielle!

Aurora: [gasps]

Sci-Ryan: I need a drink. [takes a sip of his drink then spits it out in shock] WHAT!?

Iago: Mirielle won!

Emmet: I think she was lost to her by some votes.

[Meanwhile, at Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: The vibrations are strong. I can sense the girl's anger and sadness, partner. The moment of weakness for my new victim.

Hawk Moth: Such easy pray for your Akuma.

[Ryan Repulsa fills the Akuma with dark energy]

Ryan Repulsa: Fly now, my little Akuma. And put the Stormy winds in her sails.

[The akuma flies out the window]


Crash Bandicoot (EG): Hey, Aurora. What's the matter?


Crash Bandicoot (EG):

[Human Crash pushes the down button and the lift doors open. Aurora goes in and the lift doors close]

Aurora: I should have won! I've got the talent, the star looks, everything. But, she took everything away from me! They took everything away from me! They...


Aurora: Uh? Ah!


Aurora: [] Ngh! Ah! [opens her parasol]

[The Akuma lands on Aurora's parasol and the power comes back on]

Ryan Repulsa: [voice] Right you are, dear. You should have won. Yes....

Aurora: I should have won. Yes!

[a butterfly frame appears around Aurora's eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Stormy Weather. I am Ryan Repulsa. And my partner and I give you the power to seek revenge on them as OUR weather girl. All you have to do is fetch me and Hawk Moth the Matrix and the Miraculous. Can you do that, darling?

Aurora: Yes!

Ryan Repulsa: [voice] That's my weather girl. Show the world and the Autobots who the best weather girl really is.

[As Ryan Repulsa talks,

Iago: Whoa! Aurora got akumatized! I better warn Ryan and Optimus!