This is how the story of Jafar goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar.

[the next morning, we see book]

[then the book opens]

King Solar Flare [narrating]: Jafar was once a ruller to Agrabah. But he was easily defeated when a street rat Aladdin sucked him to a lamp and threw him away. But later he escaped from the lamp and returned to get vengce on Aladdin and his friends, but he was then killed by his lamp bying thrown into lava.

[the book closes]

Princess Celestia: However, Jafar appears he had found a way to return from the dead. He returned to Agrabah. So then Princess Jasmine came to us and using our magic, as Twilight and her friends used the Elements of Harmony, we banished him to another lamb.

Pricness Luna: But 2 thugs had awakened him.

Brian: Why is he doing this now?

Jasmine: He wants to get revenge on us. and he might also try to get himself a new queen.

Cadance: With each passing moment, he grows stronger.

Yuna: Don't worry Cadance, we'll...

Cadance: Hold on there, Yuna. This isn't an easy task.

Princess Luna: She's right. We need someone else to do this. And it's Brian.

Brian: Me?

Princess Celestia: Yes, you.

Brian: Why?

King Solar Flare: You're a true Jedi master, Brian. You're a honorary Prime. You have powers like no other.

Princess Luna: Do you understand the task we are giving you?

Brian: Yeah.

Princess Celestia: Then you must do it for us.

Sylveon: Please Brian, for me.

Brian: Okay.

Sylveon: Just be careful, I don't wanna lose you.

Brian: I will. Me and Nightstriker will be fine,

[they share one hug and then Brian goes to get Nightstriker

Flik: Can I go with you?

Brian: Huh? What?

Flik: Can I go with you, please?

Brian: [sarcastically] Of course, Flik!

Flik: Really?

Brian: No, you're not coming.

Flik: Please! I haven't been on any adventure like this! I wanna help you! I'm desperate!

Brian: [as Slim] Really? I couldn't tell.

Flik: Please! You gotta let me help you! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!

Brian: NOOOOOO!!! You botheration ant! You are not coming with me! End of story! Bye-bye! See ya later!

Flik: I'm sorry, I was just....

Brian: Go. [points to the other way]

Flik: Trying to help.

[he then walks away slowly]

Brian: I don't need help from a bug. [to Nightstriker] Come on, bud.

Nightstriker: [growls]

[However Flik sneaks into their bags]

Brian: Alright, let's take to the skies.

[They fly off]

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