Here's how the prologue and the present go in The Rise of Latios & Latias.

[The film starts out with the Miramax logo]

["Legend Alto Mare" begins playing]

[Soon we come to a backstory with a young colt who is walking along in the forest, however he sees 2 Pokémon being chased by a Pokémon Hunter. But he soon helps them run away, but then the 2 begin to glow as if they where opening a portal. And they did a portal in time, and in a flash they disappear stunning the hunter. But soon it zooms out showing a forest and it reveals to be a picture in somebody's place, as the music stops and an old man is slammed to the wall]

Male voice: I'll tell you why where here!

Old man: [groaning and an R2 unit grabs him by the face]

[It shows a yellow man with red hair, and he is wearing a jacket with strange objects on him and has a Weavile beside him]

Sideshow Bob: Were here because we herd this crazy story, that you almost caught a Latios and Latias somewhere in this forest 40 years ago.

R2-Q5: Yeah, is that true or what, old man?

Old man: I'm still a Pokémon hunter! I'm not gonna tell you anything! [he tries to move but the droid pulls him down]

Sideshow Bob: [chuckles] Will see about that.

[We come outside and see different Pokémon in cages and the humans come outside, and R2 throws the old man to the ground]

Sideshow Bob: Weavile, use slash.

[Weavile hops forward to a cage with an imprison Tyranitar, and she does 2 slashes and releases the Tyranitar. But soon Sideshow Bob deploys one of the strange objects from his jacket and activates it revealing a ball]

Old man: What's that thing?

Sideshow Bob: A Dark Ball.

Old man: What's it do?!

R2-Q5: Shut up, and allow him to demonstrate.

[Sideshow Bon throws the Dark Ball and coughs the Tyranitar and it flies back to his hand]

Sideshow Bob: The Pokémon I catch with a Dark Ball become evil Pokémon. And that's how their power increases to the highest level. Come out Tyranitar! [he throws it in the air, and Tyranitar is unleashed but he is bigger and darker than before!]

Tyranitar: ROAR!!!!!

Sideshow Bob: Hyper Beam attack!

[Tyranitar builds up energy and destroys the hunters hideout and even kills the capture Pokémon from inside their cages]

Tyranitar: ROAR!!!! ROAR!!!!

R2-Q5: I just have to pat myself onto the back. [he does so]

Old man: No, please! It's gonna destroy everything!

[The Hyper Beam destroys the hunter's house, and he crawls to Sideshow Bob to plead]

Old man: Alright, alright! I'll show you! I'll show you and your droid the spot where I found that Latios & Latias!

[Sideshow Bob chuckles but then laughs evilly]

Sideshow Bob: I thought you'll see it my way.

[Then it says "Miramax films presents". Then it spins around saying "The Rise of Latios & Latias" and it zooms ahead to the pain picture]

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