Strongarm is a character from Transformers: Robots In Disguise 2015.


Strongarm worked as a street cop along with Bumblebee. When she came to Earth, she discovered that Thomas was a Train-Prime that was presumed dead years after Cybertron's destruction. She helped to chase Fracture and his Mini-Cons, Airazor and Divebomb, into a mine, which collapsed and trapped her and everyone else except Sideswipe and Sawback, her Mini-Con dog. Strongarm helped in getting the miners that had been trapped with her and the others out of the mine. But when Zoey (Total Drama) began losing oxygen, she helped her breath by using a breathing tube. Ryan used his magic to make Zoey (Total Drama) recover. Although Strongarm was tired after fifhteen minuets of walking, she and the others were eventually freed by Sideswipe, Sawback and Ultra Magnus. Later on, Strongarm was granted as Zoey and Mike's guardian. Ryan recruits her to join Thomas' and Crash's teams. Strongarm helped Thomas in chasing down a gang of Vehicons. She wasn't expecting for a friend from her past, Arcee, show up. She and Arcee didn't get along very well. When Arcee and Strongarm learned about the Magic of Friendship, they used it to defeat Steeljaw and his gang of Decepticon Prisoners. She and Arcee came to rescue Ryan when he got hypnotized by the Dazzlings. And then after that, Strongarm and Arcee were made permament Members of both teams. Strongarm then helped to save Christmas when Santa Clause crashlanded and lost his memory. Strongarm then helps Ryan rescue Sideswipe when Airachnid kidnaps him. Strongarm helped out when Robocar Poli, her cousin, got infected with Cybonic Plague. She had to get the cure from the Dazzlings. They let her have it but only Strongarm told them that she was doing it to save her cousin. When Strongarm finally got the cure, Poli was cured of the Plague. Strongarm went to Camp Everfree with her new friends and developed the ability to teleport from place to place.


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