Stronger, Faster is the seventeenth episode in season 1 and the twenty-second episode of Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic.


Ratchet 'finalizes' the Synthetic Energon formula and uses himself as a test subject, but it ends up having some negative side effects.


The Synthetic Energon test

Ratchet checks out a sample of Synthetic Energon he's created, watched by Rarity and Fluttershy. Approving the stability of the energon, Ratchet tries it on a test engine, and it works fine. Rarity's keen to try it on Bumblebee, but Ratchet says it'll require more testing first. Meanwhile, the base sensors pick up Energon movement, but before Optimus Prime gives the order to roll out, Ratchet warns him about the depleted state of their energon reserves. Once Prime's team departs, Ratchet has the idea to try the Synthetic Energon on himself. The injection causes him to lose consciousness, and Rarity and Flutteshy rouse him from lying on the floor shortly afterward. The Synthetic Energon appears to be a success, giving him more fuel efficiency and better motor functions.

The canyon chase/Ratchet saves Arcee and Rainbow Dash

Meanwhile Prime's team chases Knock Out and Breakdown through an icy canyon. The Decepticons aren't in any hurry to bridge out, as they're trying to "help" the Autobots run out of energon. Some Vehicons flying overhead blast the sheer sides of canyon, causing a rock fall that blocks off the Autobots' path. Arcee manages to drive over it in her motorcycle mode and Rainbow Dash follows her, despite Prime's warnings, and race after the two Decepticons, only to be hit by missiles from the Vehicons. They are swiftly surrounded by Decepticons, and things look grim until Ratchet comes flying through the GroundBridge and begins laying into them with gusto. Knock Out and Breakdown assume that the Ratchet's a new Autobot, but are forced to retreat as Optimus, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Rainbow Dash's friends come into view, firing at them. Ratchet finishes off the last of the Vehicons, to stunned looks from his teammates.



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