Stronger Than You Know is a song from Sofia the First: Princesses to the Rescue.


Princesses to the Rescue

Mulan: I know a lot about overcoming doubt

So many things they told me that I couldn’t do

I went and proved them wrong, so now I’ll pass along

These simple words I hope get through to you.

It doesn’t matter what they say

There’s only one voice to obey

And it’s that little voice inside

So let that be your guide

Then you can save the day.

'Cause you are stronger than you know

Stronger than you know

You may be small but give it your all

And you will finally show

That you are stronger than you know

So much stronger than you know.

Sofia: (spoken) That gives me an idea, instead of trying to go through the maze, let's go over it.

Mulan: (spoken) Now you're thinking.

Amber: (spoken) Sofia, do you really think we can jump across all these statues?

Sofia: (spoken) I know we can.

Just look at what we can achieve

Through any danger we can leave

And we could conquer any maze

A new trail we could blaze

If only we believe.

All: That we are stronger than we know

Stronger than we know

We may be small but we give our all

We will finally show

That we are stronger than we know

So much stronger than we know.

So much stronger than we know!


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