Here is how Stuck in the tunnel goes in Fantasyland Rescue.

Princess Yuna: We'll be home in no time.

Duck: Look! The pathway's blocked!

Dusty Crophopper: Okay, On three, Yuna, Use as much magic as you got while the rest of the Engines push! Ready!?

Princess Yuna: On three. One... Two... Three! (use her magic)

Duck: Push!

Casey Jr.: Let's give it all we got!

Train: Go!

Then, the Fantasyland engines ran out of coal, water, fuel, oil and firewood!

Timothy Timken: Gosh!

Toots: We're out of coal, water, fuel, oil and firewood!

Porky Pig: This is not good!

Human Twilight Sparkle: Now, What're we gonna do!?

Sasha: Can you still use your magic, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: I'm getting to tired!

Duck: Now, We're stuck in here!

Montana: Guess, We'll have to wait for help!

On Sodor, at Brendam Docks.

Percy: Any sign of them yet?

Cranky: (looking for Yuna, Dusty and Duck) No, Still no luck.

Oliver: I hope Duck is alright!

Salty: As do I, Me Hearty!

Porter: I hope they're okay!

Gator: Me too!

Percy: We can't give up! We have to keep looking!

At Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse: Any sign of them?

Morty Fieldmouse: We can't find them, Uncle Mickey.

Ferdie Fieldmouse: Who knows where could they be at.

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