Here's how Stuingtion's engines tell the real story in Wrath of the Country.

Spike: So, they were here. During Master Yoda's time?

Sylveon: I can't believe it.

Brian: Then, I'm sure. [points to Stuingtion's engines] They know about this.

Mucker: What? No! We didn't know anything about this!

Princess Luna: That's what you think.

Princess Celestia: I'd never thought I would see a day like this.

Sharky: Princess, please! We don't know....

Twilight: Get away from her! The point of her is guys: "You've lied to us".

Willy: No, no, we we're just...

Brian: No, guys! You did! You've lied. Everything you said about the history of Megatrain, the Deceptitrains, the Trainbots, all of it! You didn't know the whole history!

T.C.: Enough! Okay, we admit it, we did lie! But we didn't tell you everything.

Brian: What?

Shai-Shay: You see, we knew that Tirek resurrected Megatrain. And they've used their powers to create, Cybertrain. Till a war broke out over control. Cybertrain was destroyed, then Tirek threw him away. All because he knew the truth.

Twilight: Oh, yeah. What is the truth?

Steamy: The Trainsformers are on the edge of extinction! They're scattered across the galaxy, they're a dying race!

Evan: And the only thing that matters for them is to grab and hide, wherever they can, before somebody else, beats them at the finish line!

Brian: I don't believe that!

Twilight: And that's Thomas, and everyone else you're talking about!

Sharky: Well, it would take more than a miracle to save them too. Even the last of the Train Primes.

Twilight: [grabs him] Oh really? I don't hear your gosh dang miracle!

[But Shining Armor pulls her back]

Shining Armor: Twily, that's enough!

Twilight: [begins sobbing] I want..... I want...... [she walks away very sad]

Uray: Look, we're sorry we kept this from you all! We really are!

Dazzlen: But we only did because, we didn't want you to know what's gonna happen.

Percy: What is?

Steam Mech: We don't have the whole idea, but we do know this. This battle is not like any other that we've every been in. It will take more than what we had to win it.

Brian: Oh, yeah? But you never told us they existed here long before us!

Vinny: Yeah, weren't we suppose to know?

Willy: But how would you react if we told you, huh? What if Thomas knew about this?

Twilight: Well, he doesn't! And he's never coming back! [breaks down in tears]

Shining Armor: Twilight? Are you okay? [walks to her] Twilight, hey, it'll be alright.

Twilight: No. It won't.

Shining Armor: Yeah, it will, you'll see. Thomas promised you he'll come back, I 100% doubt he'd break his promise.

Twilight: Ever since we met, he promised me nothing will ever happen to me.

Shining Armor: Huh. That's a funny thing to promise.

Twilight: What?

Shining Armor: Well, he can't let anything bad things happen to you, and bad things did happen to you.

[Twilight glares at him]

Brian: Sorry.

[then they hear sirens]

Buzz: What's that?

[Percy looks through windows and sees police cars]

Percy: Oh, shoot! It's the TES! We got to go!