[At Westopolis, Sub-Zero kneels down in a road, the same place where Team Robot, Goku, Shadow and Sonic fought the Black Bull earlier and feels the concrete before him.]

Sub-Zero: The robot was here, I can sense the nether. But he must have vanished from this spot.

[Then, the Babylon Rogues approaches Sub-Zero from behind.]

Jet the Hawk: Well, isn't this interesting, a masked man in Westopolis and from the look of you, I'd say you're no hero.

Sub-Zero: You do not look so innocent yourselves.

Jet the Hawk: Name's Jet the Hawk, Leader of the Babylon Rogues.

Sub-Zero: Sub-Zero.

Storm the Albatross: So, who're you hunting? Or are you just looking for a fight?

Sub-Zero: It is none of your concern.

Wave the Swallow: Fair enough, but we've been around this city and I've never heard of a "Sub-Zero".

Sub-Zero: I'm not from your world.

Jet the Hawk: Then you're in enemy territory.

Sub-Zero: And I assume you are the enemy?

Jet the Hawk: Smart boy.

[They fight. Although the battle is intense, Sub-Zero's freezing powers give him the edge over Jet, and soon the Rogues were KO'ed for the count, With the distraction out of the way, Sub-Zero returns to examining the roads around him.]

Sub-Zero: The robot's trail is weak, but I can still track it. This way...

[Sub-Zero walks off]

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